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Meet Our Team

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Kayla Sweeney

I am so passionate about lean efficient processes and process improvement, that I established Better Work Week to help you, your team, your organization have cleaner, simpler, better processes to manage. And for your customers to have a better experience. I mean, aren't they the ones you really need?


I love to look at a process, identify all those non-value add workflows, reduce any of the waste, minimize (and hopefully eliminate) those pain-points, so you can have a better freaking work week. I'm a software/tools lover- and will apply a strategic mindset to help you implement (the right) tools to help you, your team, your business function (better than before, like way better). 

And I LOVE Smartsheet. I am a Subject Matter Expert and Product Certified. 



  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, American Society for Quality (ASQ), June 2019 

  • Smartsheet Product Certified, August 2019

  • LinkedIn
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